2022 AGM Nominations


2 Year Term - Non-Voting Position

The President shall be responsible for the overall operation, direction and supervision of the Club activities. He or she will delegate tasks as needed to the Vice Presidents. He or she shall represent the Club at KC functions as required outside of the Club Executive meetings and maintain his or her focus by not participating directly with any Club team.

Incumbent – Mark Shymko

Vice President - Hockey Operations
Vice President - Business Administration
Vice President - Interclub Relations
Bingo Director
Communications Director
Fundraising Director
Parent Representative
Equipment Director
Social Director
Publicity Director
Ice Allocator
U7 Director
U9 Director
U11 Director
U13 Director
KC West Hockey Oval Transparaent Bkgrd
#268, 9768 - 170 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5T 5L4